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Konica Minolta Solutions Team charter is: Bringing People, Process and Technology Together”

In our world of increasingly complex systems and diverse technologies, the Konica Minolta Solutions Team offers the solutions tailored to our customers business needs that optimise the flow of information between people and technology, process and practice, and documents and data. We create value through identifying potential areas of economy and efficiency, and recommending actions that will streamline operations. We bring a specialist’s understanding of knowledge, content, and document management to design, build, and implement the overall best solutions that are consistent with our clients ability to achieve their strategic business objectives.

Value Proposition:
The core of the Solutions Team is our people, processes, and knowledge of prevailing industry technologies. We leverage our valuable consulting and engineering resources to provide clients with our collective business and technology knowledge. We provide value in our proven ability to Bring People, Process, and Technology Together, which in turn leads to a more productive, efficient operation and work environment for the business.
Our consultative approach helps clients analyse their needs in relation to their strategic focus and current business state, including deployed technologies, and identify the gaps.

  • We work with clients to identify how individuals and teams can manage information and knowledge more effectively by leveraging our business and technology knowledge.
  • Our proven methodologies identify needs and solutions, and provide a measurable return on investment.

The Solutions Team works with you, as a partner not just a supplier or vendor. In this manner, we are committed and accountable to deliver the stated ROI or recommend the actions that will produce the ROI. We hold ourselves accountable to you as if we were stakeholders in your business.